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"Hoss" Taylor, Gordon Hayes,Moe Thrash,Jim Glass, Hugh Manning and a few others, no longer with us established our original group at the DeKalb Tennis Center in the 1970's. It was established as the Senior Men's Round robin, but quickly became known as the "woof pen". Whether this is because of the labored breathing of the players or their reactions as the ladies walked by their courts is a moot point. But as it was spelled "woof" not "wolf" we assume it was from the heavy breathing engendered by their furious play. This group played only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.


It wasn't until 1990 that a splinter group from DeKalb, led by Ted Gregory, began playing five (5) mornings a week at the Blackburn Tennis Center located at 3501 Ashford-Dunwoody Road in North DeKalb County. This eighteen (18) court facility is maintained by the Brookhaven, Georgia Parks and Recreation Department. It opened in March of 1976. This group has been known since its inception as the Blackburn Senior Men's Round Robin, though a true round robin format has never been followed.

Play format and Rules

The format for play, which began at DeKalb, and continues today at Blackburn,welcomes everyone regardless of age and/or skill level, and no ladies have ever been turned away. There can be no pre-arranged or scheduled matches. Play is to be one (1) set, with participants determined by arrival at the court, and is governed by USTA rules. At six (6) games each all sets are decided by tie breaker. Winners DO NOTautomatically stay on court as all subsequent play is determined by draw or racket spin and WAITING PLAYERS HAVE PRIORITY. New arrivals at courtside, since they have yet to play have the highest priority. EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO PLAY WITH EVERYONE ELSE, regardless of individual skill level. Players of lesser skill, and those with injury handicaps can always opt to "sit out" of a draw in order to allow for more balanced and competitive matches to occur. However skilled players should not "sit out" just to avoid matches with lower ranked players.

'Active Players List'

Younger male players and women who choose to play with our group, though always welcome, are asked to remember, that should court space become a problem and long waits occur, that we are a Senior Men's round robin and priorities do and will favor the senior players listed in the "Active Players List". All players should understand that we are not a training or teaching group and women and newcomers to the game are expected to carry their load and not impede play. NEW PLAYERS SHOULD SEE , CHARLIE DIXON, IN ORDER TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST.

These simple understandings provide for "hassle-free" tennis and allow a fair and equal amount of court time to all comers.



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