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  JON CHALMERS NIEMEYER- - - - We, the Senior Men's Round Robin(s) at Blackburn and DeKalb Tennis Center(s) do hereby recognise, JON CHALMERS NIEMEYER for his outstanding contributions as tennis player, tennis coach, tennis director, tennis partner and tennis friend. Your adult life has been a large part of the Atlanta Area tennis scene and those of us that have been privilaged to play at Blackburn and DeKalb Tennis Centers have been especially fortunate because of your presence. Whatever recognition Blackburn and DeKalb have received over the years is entirely because of you. - - - - - You have taught our children and in some cases our grandchildren, keeping tennis in DeKalb County a strong and vibrant recreational outlet. You have provided some of the best tennis possible and we have enjoyed every minute of it. For that we will always be grateful. - - - - - - We members of the SENIOR ROUND ROBIN GROUPS appreciate the court access we have been provided over the years. We are going to miss you and at Blackburn we will always consider these to be the JON NIEMEYER COURTS. - - - - Presented by : THE BLACKBURN and DEKALB SENIOR MEN'S ROUND ROBIN(s) - - - - - - March 11,2011

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