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Come Play (cont'd)
  The current costs for playing with the Senior Men's Round Robin are $4.00 for a mornings play. The City/County has established an annual pass for senior DeKalb residents that is currently $225.00 per year (Jan-Dec). The Blackburn TC management recognizes this annual pass for men's Senior Round Robin play. Though we originally formed our group for senior (read: mostly retired) men, we do not place any age or gender restrictions on those wishing to play tennis with our group. In fact, many business visitors to the Atlanta area that have joined us for play have been a long way from senior and several female players have honed their skills by playing with, "the old guys on the hill". Though senior men's doubles remains our priority all players are welcome to give us a shot. Newcomers and visitors to the Atlanta area will find it easy to fit right in with our group of "no hassle" tennis players. There is noone to call, no reservation to be made.......you do not require a doubles partner.....you do not need to know a soul......just show up with $4 .00, log in at the desk and go play all morning. ONE NOTE OF CAUTION : Some mornings it is/or will be necessary to prepare the courts for play. ALL PLAYERS are expected to help squeegee the courts, repair the nets or do whatever is necessary to get play started for the group. Anyone not willing to do their part should find another tennis venue.

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